TV/NVG-7 Night Vision Goggle by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
Dereboyu Cad. Çalışkan Sk. No:4
34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

The TV / NVG-7 is manufactured in a powerful and lightweight composite body using military standard optics. The TV / NVG-7 has a superior resistance to salt water, rain, high humidity, extreme hot environment, shocks and bumps and is unaffected by these conditions. TV / NVG-7 can be used connecting to headband and helmet with the accessory options available. The TV / NVG-7 has an IR illumination feature for use at close distances in full dark environments.


- Lightweight, Rugged, Humidity Protected

- Build-in IR illuminator for map reading

-  «Low Battery» and «IR Illumination On» warnings

- High performance Gen2+ or Gen 3 tube

- Battery operated (2 x AA type)

- EMI/RFI protection, environmental sealed

- Handheld goggles

- Face mask / Helmet mounted

- X3/X4/X5 afocal Clip-On Objective (Optional)

- Lens cap

- Carrying pouch

- Transport case

- Lens tissue

- Lens brushı

- Operator manual

- AA Battery






Magnification                       1X / 3X / 4X / 5X

Field of View                        40°

Focus Range                       25cm to infinity

                                            10m to infinity (with 3X Lens)

                                            15m to infinity (with 4X Lens)

                                            25m to infinity (with 5X Lens)

Objective F No                    1.2

Objective EFL                      26mm

Diopter Adjustment             +2 to -6

Exit pupil diameter              10mm

Exit pupil relief                    15mm

Inter pupil distance             53 - 72mm

*Detection range                320m

*Recognition range            130m

*Identification range           60m




Battery                               2x1.5 AA Alkaline

                                              1x1.2V AA NiMH

                                                     2x1.5V AA Lithium

Battery Life                        40 hours Alkaline

                                                    20 hours NiMH

                                                    60 hours Lithium




Operating Temperature     -50°C/+50°C

Storage Temperature        -56°C/+65°C

Immersion                          1m water 30 mins



Weight                                570 grams

                                           820 grams (with 3X lens)

                                           850 grams (with 4X lens)

                                           950 grams (with 5X lens)

*The observation ranges are measured at environmental illumination bigger than 3x10-3lx (moonless clear night sky with air glow) and human target with dimensions 170x50cm

Defense Products & Services: TV/NVG-7 Night Vision Goggle by Transvaro
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Country: Turkey
Description: TV/NVG-7 Night Vision Goggle
Source of Information: Transvaro AS