TV/VVS-2 Armored Vehicle Night Vision Driver Periscope by Transvaro

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Transvaro AS
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34303 Halkalı Küçükçekmece, İstanbul

TV / VVS-2 Armored Vehicle Driver Periscopes are designed for armored person carriers, armored vehicles and undercarriage motor guns, allowing the driver to see front easily without any illuminating at night and to make safe driving.TV / VVS-2, periscope structure and large okuler keep driving comfort and allow the driver to see front as if looking at it from the window.TV / VVS-2 can continue to operate for at least 3 days with a spare battery even when the vehicle is switched off.


- Wide view angle; 45° horizontal, 35° vertical

- Due to being a passive system, it does not require any illumination

- Large single Eye-Piece permits one-to-one vision without eye touch to the rubber pad, which provides comfortable drive conditions for the driver, especially on rough surface

- The safety of this system in the operating of a collision is also proven

- VVS-2 Periscopes is steerable 2x30° to cover 105° horizontal and 35° vertical view (MOD 4 have 2x40° to cover 135° horizontal field of view)

- In periscope, Gen II+ Image Intensifier Tube is used

- All prism and lenses are coated with non-reflective material

- Periscopes are normally powered by 12-28V DC voltage or 2 x 1.5V DC AA type battery (excluding MOD2 model)

- VVS-2 Periscopes and mounting kits are made of Aluminium Alloy for robust and durable structure and is light weight




Model                                    MOD1             MOD2                        MOD3                        MOD4

Vehicle Type                         AIFV                Leopard                     Firtina                        M60 A1

View Angle                                                      Horizontal 45° / Vertical 35°

Total View Angle                   Horizontal 105° / Vertical 35°            Horizontal135° /Vertical 35°

Discrimination Power                                         Minimum 0.7 lp/mrad

Magnification                                                       0.93 (+0.09 -0.06)

Eye Relief                                                                   50 mm

High Light Intensity                      Turn-off the tube above  4 ft-lamberts light intensity


Distortion                                                     System total max. %13

Intensity                                                              Adjustable

Operating Voltage                                             12-28V DC

Battery Type                         2 x 1.5V AA Battery                           2 x 1.5V AA Battery

Battery Life                           12 Hours                                           12 Hours

Defense Products & Services: TV/VVS-2 Armored Vehicle Night Vision Driver Periscope by Transvaro
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Country: Turkey
Description: TV/VVS-2 Armored Vehicle Night Vision Driver Periscope
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