U3801 Remote Headset Station Ground Support De-icing System by David Clark Company

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The Series 3800 Vehicle Intercom System is engineered to solve the problem of communicating in high-noise environments with a mobile vehicle platform. Fire apparatus, rescue vehicles, ambulances, command and control vehicles, airline deicers and paint stripers are but a few applications that currently benefit from the Series 3800 system.


The U3801 is a simple headset station, used to expand the intercom system beyond the Master Station. It is designed for use at the end of a series of headset stations, as there are no available connections for “daisy-chaining” additional modules.


It includes one headset jack and headset listen level control, as well as one system input connector for running a C38-xx Jumper Cord from another intercom module.


With a modular design, rugged and weather-resistant enclosures, and functional versatility, the Series 3800 intercom system is an ideal solution for any mobile environment requiring crisp, clear communication and effective hearing protection.


Features and benefits


Provides crisp, clear communication in demanding environments

Hands-free, full-duplex, intercom communications

Compatible with all 3000 Series Headsets

Accommodates one headset user (should be installed where radio transmit function is not required)

Headset jack with weather-protected, sealed spring cap when not in use

Headset listen level control for fine-tuning headset volume

1 each System Input/Output connector, MS-type with protective cap

Surface mount installation kit included

Designed to be installed for single user not requiring radio transmit capability

Durable, weather-resistant enclosure

Quality materials, components and craftsmanship

Rugged and reliable

Expands the system, usually at the end of a series of Headset Stations

Should be installed where radio transmit functionality is not required

There are no output connectors for "daisy-chaining" additional modules

Simple installation


Key features include:


System input connector (C38-XX)

Headset jack

Listen level control


Technical specifications


Power Requirements                      12 or 24 VDC (via U3800)

Enclosure                                        Heavy-gauge polycarbonate (-80° to +212°F)

Volume Control                               1 each Headset listen level control

Headset Interface                           12B Jack, ¼” (w/ sealed spring lid)

System Connection                        1 each, via C38-xx Jumper Cord

Installation                                       Surface mount (mounting kit included)

Weight                                             9.2oz./261g

Dimensions                                     3-¼”L x 4-¾”W x 3"D

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Description: U3801 Remote Headset Station Ground Support De-icing System
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