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The Underwater Kit provides Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Dive teams with a comprehensive selection of user-filled explosive charges.  The Alford Technologies underwater EOD system is unrivalled in its precision and effectiveness.  Vulcan™ is a shaped charge system that demonstrates unique versatility.  It can carry a variety of projectiles to perform different tasks including countermining, low-order deflagration and deliberate detonation. 

The kit carries three types of explosive charges including:


- Shaped charges – for point-focal accuracy; kit contains a range of charge sizes and projectile types

- Copper lined linear-cutting charges – used for cutting through steel or thick structures

- Demolition charges – can be used in deliberate flooding

- Projectiles, stands and accessories – contains legs, stands, magnets, adhesive tapes for positioning the charges


All charges are highly portable, even when filled.  Kits are provided in easy to use tool rolls which can be reconfigured depending upon the mission.

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Underwater Kit

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