V-429 Fuze for Artillery Ammunition by KINTEX

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V-429 is a mechanical, nose, point-detonating fuze with selectable super-quick or delayed action.



The fuze completes High-Explosive, Incendiary and Smoke ammunition for artillery guns of the following caliber:

· 85 mm;

· 100 mm;

· 122 mm;

· 30 mm;

· 152 mm.



V-429 fuze features locking at firing from worn-out or  strongly contaminated barrel. The fuze is safe in storage, handling and operation and ensures the reliable and safe function of the ammunition in all weather conditions




Operation Modes

The fuze has two operation modes, which are selectable, by built-in setter and wrench:

position “O”  for SQ action

position “З” for delayed action



Fuze Safety

Before firing the Safety and Arm device prevents the detonator from positioning into the fire train. Even in case of unintentional ignition of the primer, no transfer of the firing pulse to the fire train can occur.



Fuze Arming

At firing the set-back forces arm the fuze, fixing the elements of the fire train in one line. The fuze is armed within 5  to 20 m from muzzle.



Fuze Action

Upon impact  the fuze provides SQ or delayed action of 0.027 to 0.063 s.

The fuze functions under the impact and inertia forces. The inertia device ensures ignition not only upon impact on solid ground, but also on snow or marshy ground. 






64 fuzes in  4 air-tight sealed metal boxes  packed in a wooden case  with dimensions:


Gross weight:

42 kg


0.045 m3



Technical Characteristics:



Length of Fuze (max):

105.71 mm

Visible Length: 

60.0 mm

Intrusion Length (max):

46.8 mm

External Diameter (max):

40.0 mm

Weight of Fuze:

438 g

Type of Booster Pellet:


Weight of Booster Pellet:

12.5  g

Thread Size:

Spec. 36.18 x 10 tpi


PD; SQ or delayed


by set-back forces

Muzzle Safety Distance:

5 m

Time of Delay:

0.027 to 0.063 sec

Temperature Range for Firing:

-40 to +50°C

Temperature Range for Storage:

-40 to +50°C

Shelf Life:

15 years

Defense Products & Services: V-429 Fuze for Artillery Ammunition by KINTEX
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Description: V-429 Fuze for Artillery Ammunition
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