VK-3M Air Ventilation Suit

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The VK-3M air ventilation suit is designed to protect pilot from ambient temperature effects. It can be used independently or together with the high-altitude pressure suit. The suit neither restrains pilot’s movements nor discomforts him physically. The air ventilation system provides even air distribution all over the body surface and prevents it from excessive heating or cooling down both at airfield and in 1-1.5h flight with ambient air temperatures of ± 50oC. The suit weight is under 1.85 kg.

Suit ventilation system resistance:

for air consumption of 250 litres/min, kPa (mm H2O), max 2.45 (250)

for air consumption of 350 litres/min, kPa (mm H2O), max 3.92 (400)


Overcooling/overheating prevention time at an outside

temperature of ±50oC and a ventilation air consumption

of 250-350 litres/min, hrs 1.5


Temperature of incoming ventilating air, oC 10-80


Weight, kg

not more than 1.85


Service life, yrs

not more than 10

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Description: VK-3M Air Ventilation Suit
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