Water Heater by VersarPPS

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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Protection House, Sherbourne Drive
Tilbrook, Milton Keynes, MK7 8HX

Medium capacity electrically controlled water heater with diesel burner and thermostatically controlled warm water output. Robust, weatherproof construction means the pro 50 heater will operate reliably in demanding and remote conditions.




Thermostatically controlled, selectable warm water output at 30°C and 60°C

Temperature rise at max flow 30°C @ 50 l/min

20 litre capacity fuel can, secured at the rear of the heater

Complete drainage system

Robust side lifting handles

Flue stack fitted with rain cap

Powder coated finish




Materials                                           Powder coated blue steel frame and front panel with

                                                          powder coated white stainless steel side panels

Water supply                                     8-50 litres/min

Minimum operating pressure            1.2 Bar

Maximum operating pressure           3 Bar

Dimensions                                       L 620mm x W 610mm x H 950mm, including fuel tank

Water temperature                            Maximum temperature rise 30°C @ 50 l/min

Fittings                                              All water fittings are GEKA brass quick couplings or

                                                          similar. Adaptors to suit local water couplings available

Fuel requirements                            Diesel fuel

Fuel can capacity                             20 litres

Power supply                                   110v or 240v options

Weight                                              80kg

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Water Heater

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