Weapons Cases by CP Cases

Our Weapons Cases can be tailored to fit each individual application, in manufacturing quantities to accommodate all sizes of security forces, military divisions and armouries.


Rotationally moulded using virgin polyethylene, CP Cases’ Weapons Cases share the benefits of their ruggedised Amazon Cases range of containers; they are highly resistant to impact and drop/shock, temperature extremes and vibration, as well as water and dust ingress, and can be modified to include features such as flame retardant, anti-static and low infrared reflectivity.


Nitrogen-blown polyethylene foam inserts provide unmatched levels of impact absorbency and support for the contents. The inert nature of the foam means there is no chance of chemical contamination or corrosion to the equipment inside (as is possible with other foam types).


The robust low-profile cam-operated butterfly latches are securely attached to fully encapsulated steel inserts, allowing ‘no hassle’ in the field replacement if ever required. The silicon gasket ensures dust and watertight integrity between the lid and the base.


Extra security features include an optional padlockable version of the latch and, for rifles, a weapons restraining bar across the middle of the internal of the case, with a sprung shoot bolt and additional internal padlock clasp mechanism give additional security to unwanted intrusion.


For multiple pistol and most rifle cases, recessed wheels can be added to aid manual handling. These 70mm diameter high performance ‘blade wheels’ do not impinge the stacking or storage footprint.


Weapons Cases features


- Tough and waterproof  rotomoulded cases utilising high quality polymer that thickens at the edges and corners for extra strength and impact resistance.


- Standard colours include Black, Olive Drab & Desert Sand with additional colours available on request.


- Specialist foam design service provides tailored cushioning in high quality ‘closed cell’ nitrogen-blown polyethylene foam.


- Moulded lip that engages positively with body to eliminate lid displacement.


- IP65 rated cases impervious to sand and dust and to resist water.


- This product can be custom built to order, even for one-offs, to meet the most exacting design requirements.

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Weapons Cases

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