Wheel Technology by Horstman Defence Systems

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Vehicle designers reduce vehicle weight and increase load carrying capacity using Horstman wheel technology.


Utilising lightweight materials, hard wearing contact surfaces, and durable elastomers, long life and high performance are achievable.


Proven on tracked vehicles, operating in the hardest of environments, Horstman wheel technology, in combination with Horstman suspension technology, has provided a durable low technical risk mobility solution on heavy tracked vehicles.


Options available for idler wheel, track return rollers and road wheels.


Feature                                  Benefit


Lightweight construction        Reduction in vehicle unsprung mass with the use of lightweight wheel

                                              materials and computer optimised profiles.


Hardwearing surfaces           Durable wear surfaces for tracked vehicle applications, increasing wheel life.


Custom sizes                         Wheels made to suit any vehicle.


Repairable configuration        Replacement of wear surfaces and elastomer tyres possible.


Reduced risk                          By selecting Horstman to integrate track, wheel and suspension

                                              the risk of running gear failure due to mismatch of designs is avoided


Wheeled Application           Tracked Application


ATV                                        Agri

CAV                                       <24T

Tactical                                   25-35T

Towed                                    Special

6x6 8x8                                  36-90T






Lightweight aluminium

High strength steel




Wheel studs and nuts, wheel hub, track, suspension road arms

Track puller and wheel jack special tools

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