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Test  Methods for the Regulation TSO-C26.c.


At each wheel, brake and the sensor are processed by the technical conditions (TPF) which prescribe the tests and thein parameters.


Test on the wheels:


A running test (30 ÷ 60 km/h)

Test a combined load (radial/axial – 300/50 kN)

Test opening rim (maximum internal pressure of 5 MPa)

Static balance test


Test on the brakes:


Dynamic test

Static test

A pair of frictional wear test

High pressure test

Adjusting test equipment (the definitiv of compensation will and residual pressure)

Function test and leak brake at extréme temeratures (-55 ÷ +120° C)


Maximum size of the testing wheel is 720 x 310 mm.

The minimum size of the testing wheel is 420 x 150 mm.

The maximum attainable kinetic energy – 7.5 MJ.

Maximum landing speed – 280 km/h.

Maximum pressure of the wheel on the flywheel – 40 kN.


On the sensors are tested electrical parameters (shape and size of the signal, insulation resistance, winding resistance) and resistance to rotation under normal and extreme temperatures (according to TPF).


Measuring brake torque is carried out using strain gages and evaluation of computer (Slušovice TNS). To measure the pressures using standard strain gauges. The measurements of electrical parameters for sensors are used commonly available measuring devices (ohmetr, megaohmetr, oscilloscope, in ac-meter).


All gauges are subject to regular calibration.

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