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Having made its public debut at the Paris 2010 Eurosatory Defence Exposition, the WiSENT 2 was developed by FFG Flensburger Fahrzeugbau Gesellschaft mbH (FFG) to meet the extremely high and rapidly changing demands of modern battlefields.


Through its innovative design, it represents the first truly multifunctional vehicle platform in its class. Already selected and fielded by various international customers as their premier heavy armoured support platform, the WiSENT 2 represents the world’s latest in armoured support vehicle design. The vehicle platform is based on the highly mature LEOPARD 2 MBT chassis, giving the WiSENT 2 all of the mobility and performance of this world-class tank, including its tried and tested deep fording and submergence capabilities.


Highly protected, a common and undivided crew compartment always ensures uninterrupted crew communication and mutual support in situations of distress, as well as continued vehicle readiness even if a crew member should become incapacitated.

The compartmental and modular design of the WiSENT 2, as well as its use of Controller Area Network (CAN) bus technology, offer unparalleled operational flexibility. It also maximises logistics commonality by combining state-of-the-art Armoured Engineer Vehicle (AEV) and as Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV) capabilities, as well as those of other roles, through the fitting of mission kits on one single high-performance vehicle platform.


Regardless of its selected mission role configuration, the WiSENT 2 platform always carries a 40 t, single-line, constant-pull internal main winch with 160 m of cable and an internal 2.3 t auxiliary winch with 280 m of cable. Besides an integrated electric generator for cutting and welding as well as for electrical power distribution and a vast array of tools, the common basic platform can also be equipped with either a conventional Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) or a battery-based Auxiliary Power Boost (APB) unit to support extended silent watch operations with the main engine off.




The WiSENT 2 AEV is a highly specialized vehicle for all conventional military engineer tasks. It can be employed alongside the battle tanks in offensive as well as defensive counter-mobility missions in support of the battle force. It represents a very powerful and versatile tool to the on-scene commander for the creation and reinforcement of main advance and supply routes, their clearance from obstacles, the creation of access points for water crossings or bridge approach routes, as well as to establish obstacles and barricades on the battlefield to restrict the opponent’s freedom of movement.


Depending on customer engineering requirements, the WiSENT 2 AEV can be equipped with different types of high-performance dozer blade, featuring various functions like variable tilt, cut and slew angles. An adjustable multi-arm excavator with a reach of more than 9 m is capable of moving more than 260 cubic metres of soil per hour and can dig to a depth of up to 4.4 m with the standard 1.3-cubicmetre bucket. The armoured excavator features a hydraulic quick coupling system allowing the semiautomatic change and attachment of various alternative tools such as compactors, grapplers, crushers etc. or differently shaped/sized buckets, without a crew member needing to leave the vehicle, which augments the safety of operations in hostile urban environment scenarios.



The AEV’s multi-arm excavator can be exchanged with a rotating fixed boom crane, putting the WiSENT 2 into the full ARV role with a lifting capacity of up to 32 t. When configured as an ARV, the WiSENT 2’s role is to recover distressed equipment of the same weight class from the battlefield and to tow it into a rear echelon field workshop for repair. It is capable of lifting heavy loads such as toppled vehicles, tank engines or even turrets under field conditions.


In addition to a set of tow bars, the WiSENT 2 platform can be equipped with the FFG Combat Recovery System (CRS), allowing the hook-up and recovery of distressed LEOPARD 1 or LEOPARD 2 MBTs or their family vehicles by using day and night sensors with the crew remaining completely under armour. The WiSENT 2 ARV is also able to carry a complete LEOPARD 2 MBT power pack on its rear rack.



For mine-breaching operations the WiSENT 2 can also be equipped with a Mine Breaching System (MBS) comprising of a Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP), with optional Magnetic Signature Duplicators (MSD), with optional Hard Surface Clearance Device (HSCD), and a Safe Lane Marking System (SLMS) to identify the cleared path for follow-on troops. Explosive mine-breaching devices like the M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC) or Plofadder can also be employed by the WiSENT 2.



A concept for carrying and deploying a tactical short bridge in the bridging role further augments the outstanding flexibility of this unique vehicle. The MLC 80 bridge can be independently deployed with the excavator arm in the WiSENT 2 AEV configuration.



The key innovation of the WiSENT 2 is the multifunctional platform with its universal connection points, permitting a conversion between different roles (i.e. from AEV to ARV and vice versa) in less than 5 hours – even under field conditions. The crane boom and the excavator arm can be exchanged just as easily as the front-mounted dozer blade or mine plough, whereas the intelligent hydraulic and electrical system of the vehicle detects the connected equipment automatically.


The ARV, AEV and MB mission kits as well as Addon-Armour (AoA) protection kits can be procured and delivered independently from the WiSENT 2 platforms and are shipped and stored in standard ISO containers. The different containers are designed to accommodate a complete AEV kit (excavator arm, bucket and engineering blade), a complete ARV kit (crane boom, CRS and support blade), MB kit (FWMP, MSD and LMS) or a complete AoA protection kit.



In light of combat experience from recent operational theatres in Iraq and Afghanistan, crew protection against various threats was paramount from the very beginning of the WiSENT 2 design phase. This led to an integrated mine protection solution, while maintaining the same ground clearance as the LEOPARD 2 MBT. The WiSENT 2 offers maximum crew protection against mines and ballistic threats already in its basic configuration. These very high protection can be further augmented through various optional systems for other threats like RocketPropelled Grenades (RPG) or Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) through AoA modules, SLAT solutions or alternative lightweight net solutions like the AmSafe TARIAN system.


The comprehensive platform protection concept options for the vehicle crew of three include NBC protection systems (vehicle & individual), air conditioning and/or individual crew cooling systems, automatic fire suppression and fire extinguishing systems as well as 360° day and night sensor suites.


Different calibre Multi Barrel Grenade Dischargers (MBGDs) for defensive IR / smokescreen or HE grenades as well as various available types of Remote Weapon Station (RWS) complement the vehicle’s protection concept.







Type:                         MTU, MB 873 Ka 501

Displacement:           47600 cm³

Output:                      1100 kW



Type:                         RENK, HSWL 354, reinforced

Gear change:            Electro-hydraulic

Gears:                       4 forwards, 2 backwards


Ballistic protection

Qualified per AEP 55 Vol.1/ STANAG 4569

Low angle armour design

Spall liner

Add-on Armour


Mine protection

Qualified per AEP 55 Vol.1/ STANAG 4569

Approved against TMRP-6

Ground clearance remains unchanged


Main winch

Traction power:          0-400 kN (40 t)

Cable length:             160 (170) m

Cable diameter:         33 mm


Auxiliary winch

Traction power:         0-30 kN (3 t)

Cable length:             280 (300) m

Cable diameter:         8 mm


Mine Breaching

Full Width Mine Plough (FWMP)

Lane Marking System (LMS)

Magnetic Signature Duplicator      (MSD; optional)


Attachments (example)

Mine roller

Concrete crusher

Earth augers

Recovery sledge



Max. speed forward:           68 km/h

Max. speed reverse:           31 km/h

Max. towing on road:          40 km/h

Recovering Leopard 2: 25 km/h

In terrain:                            15 km/h

Creep rate:                          3 km/h

Gradient:                              > 60%

Vertical Step:                       1.1 m

Gap Crossing:                      3.3 m

Deep Fording:                      2.25 m

Submerging:                        4 m





Rotating Boom Crane

Crane capacity:                    320 kN (32 t)


Dozer/support blade

Height:                                  1000 mm

Width:                                    3540 mm

Width with extensions:           4140 mm

Dozerrate:                              up to 400 m³/h



Weight empty:                     57000 kg

Technical gross weight:       69500 kg



Length:                                  9260 mm

Width:                                    3540 mm

Height:                                   2780 mm






Digging rate:                         260 m³/h

Bucket volume:                     1.3 m³

Lifting power:                        4000 kg (at maximum reach)

Digging depth:                       4.4 m

Range:                                   > 9 m

Breakout dipper:                    100 kN

Breakout bucket:                   125 kN



Weight empty:                     60000 kg

Technical gross weight:       69500 kg



Length:                                  10500 mm

Length as Mine Breacher:     15280mm

Width:                                     3540 mm

Height:                                    3100 mm

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